Animated map piece for the Michigan Air Line Trail, emphasizing trail connections.

A New Year's 2018 animation created with After Effects.  Sort of a personal "2017 in Review" piece.

Animated 2018 year-ahead video I created for the Auburn Hills Chamber of Commerce for their "State of the Community" event. Created with Apple's Motion software.

2018 animated clip for Amherst Partners, 2017 Year Review. Vector animation and enhanced slideshow elements, created with Motion and Illustrator.

2017 in Review, produced for the Auburn Hills Chamber of Commerce.  Enhanced slideshow from stills.

A case study of three vignettes (from a series of 12) for Kia's UVO in-car navigation and entertainment system. My client was Apex Performance, Inc.

Feature Presentation animation that played before each feature at Emagine Theatres in the Detroit Metro area.  Some parts of the animation are still in use by Emagine. Created with Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects CC.

An animated clip for Amherst Partners celebrating their 20 years in business. Vector animation created with Motion and Illustrator.

This is the second of a four-part series on the history of the Lincoln-Mercury Motor Company, created for BI Worldwide and Lincoln. BI provided the visual assets and a voiceover track, and Sunken Anchor did the rest.

A collection of recent animation examples (the Emagine and Amherst projects make brief appearances again). But this is a good balance of 2D and 3D animation.

And if you *really* have a few minutes... this is a documentary I shot and produced for the Allentown Art Museum and artist Charlie Brouwer about Charlie's month-long art installation in 2014.